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“RyanAir have the most advanced fleet of aeroplanes in the known world. Except for this one, which is 30 years old. So please now listen carefully as the crew demonstrate the safety procedure.” – Captain of RyanAir plane, September 2002

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  • Mrs Annette Stephen says:

    I am a student at Dunstable college Bedfordshire. I am currently studying TRAVEL & TOURISM. As part of one of our modules we have been asked to study one particular company.
    I have chosen Ryan air, please could you send me some photos or any information about customer service for your company, I have no pictures or photos of any of your aircraft, and the ones off the net are no good to me once I get them to the size I require.
    If you could help in any way I would be truley grateful.
    Yours sincrely
    Annette Stephen
    50 Spoondell
    LU6 3JE
    01582 475479

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