Lack of Posts

By September 9, 20022 Comments

Bad, Bad Me.
Number of posts is inversely proportional to the busyness of Wibbler.
Well, that’s it. We’ve moved house. Last night for the emotional final night in Home Way, fuelled by a chinese takeaway and I’m A Celebrity – Get Me Out Of Here. I’m telling you this mainly for online fodder for you dear visitors, but also because Paul D has been on the case, berating the lack of posts on here, bless him. I phoned him, kind of alarm-bell-like, at 6.30am, while in a traffic jam on the way to work. He was thoroughly pleased with me, in a non-existant kind of a way, and scolded me like the bad blogger I am! And now, to rub salt into the veritable wound, I’m offline at home for a few days, when NTL install our ADSL cable. Will I cope? Will I heck.


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