Rowing Machine

By September 1, 20022 Comments

I bought a rowing machine the other day, as regular readers will be aware (hello, mum…). It took four back-breaking hours to knock it together, screwing every single bolt and nut into place with my fair hands. Amusingly, I managed to sprain my right wrist just before completion, and consequently haven’t been able to row more than 3 calories off my ample frame, causing much merriment amongst my long-suffering friends.
Still, it’s the thought that counts, right? And I’ve thought about using the machine an ENORMOUS amount…


  • ding says:

    you have managed to put the thing together… now, all the exercise you will get is lugging it from room to room (to eventually your garage), as it takes up too much space and never gets used.

  • shunta says:

    I could take the piss but it would be oh so easy.

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