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As I ventured into the little boys room this lunchtime at work, I noticed a great deal of struggling and puffing coming from a cubicle. I watched in growing astonishment, a crowd of eager-to-relieve-themselves comrades gathering behind me. “Is he alright?” whispered one. “He might have got stuck,” commented another. Suddenly, the flush sounded, and the door swung open. Slowly, with huge difficulty, out came Richard, a colleague of mine and fanatical biker. He was in a one-piece leather biker outfit, the top half of which was dangling around his waist, the hollow arms flailing around like some sort of octopus. A full 30 seconds later, he managed to pull and tug his way out of the cubicle, and looked surprised to find the entire office trying to hide their amusement. “Well,” he said with comic understatement, “that was easier said than done.” He waddled out of the bathroom to fits of laughter, and fell straight over one of his octopus arms.


  • Ginny says:

    Wd U like my diary here to fill the blanks? Perhaps I should have my own “spot”? ENQUIRE WITHIN UPON EVERYTHING: with Coooking Tips: (Life, simmering gently?) CLEANING tips (methylated spirit, talco, french chalk – how do these help?)etc. MONEY TIPS(never a borrower nor a lender be, etc). X-PERIENCE that’s the most important thing to impart. I could become Aunt Ginny! Happy with that. Luv 2 All

  • shunta says:

    Sounds like a superb idea Ginny. As you know we all need all the help that we can get!!
    Aunt Ginny it is then.

  • Guy says:

    Oh my God……

  • Guy says:

    Godess, sorry.

  • spuds are great says:

    just like to say that spuds are the new alternative for the chosen representatives! remember the cheese needs you and the bananas that lurk in the den will eventually decide their fate with the shrimp!

    keep it real wibbler, you have a talent + will go far…

  • Wibbler says:

    Ahhh Spud, very good of you. If only I knew who the hell you are, I’d give you a hefty slap on the back.

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