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Good lord, a relation I didn’t even know existed has popped up in the charts in America. Here he is! Thoroughly talented family, us.


  • Hello Mr. Stacpoole,
    I have been trying to find your first name somewhere but could not. I am a ameteur web developer and I was doing some ‘search engine’ research using my ‘Stacpoole Music’ website as an item to search for. And of course I came across your listing of my OLD website. yeah we are talented what with Mr. Henry?? de vere Stacpoole writing “Blue Lagoon” and a few de Stacpooles into music in Ireland. And you an IT expert, now YOU ARE a relative worth knowing. no I won’t bug you…. too much. anyway check out my new site, http://www.stacpoolemusic.ws and also my sons at http://www.haydenstacpoole.ws

    of course I have now added your site to my ‘favourites’ folder of Stacpoole websites.
    which reminds me there is an artist in England somewhere, I will find her website again and let you know about her.

    I look forward to hearing from you.
    Lyle Stacpoole
    Brisbane Australia

  • Richard Stacpoole-Ryding says:

    Hi there
    Came across your page whilst looking up my ancestors. I have an enormous amount of material on Henry de vere Stacpoole. My Grandfather was closely related to him. Have nearly all his books and a friend and I have put together a biography on Henry. Have tons of material. Can I be of any assistance. Regards Richard Stacpoole-Ryding

  • Speaking of Stacpoole, check this out!


  • Terri Stacpoole says:

    Hi just having a snoop around checking out some stacpoole heritage, came across this site. Were in West Australia I have not heard of other stackys living in oz! Would be great to touch base!

  • T. Stacpoole says:

    Hi just having a snoop around checking out some stacpoole heritage, came across this site. Were in West Australia I have not heard of other stackys living in oz! Would be great to touch base!

  • Kylie Stacpoole says:

    I married a stacpoole and there are quite a few in nsw, we have got some of the family tree, trying to go right back, if anyone can help that would be great

  • Sam Mellows says:

    I have always been told that H de Vere Stacpoole was my great uncle, brother to my mother’s father’s mother. How do I find out what his three sisters were called to try to trace if this is true and not a family ‘myth’? Any ideas anyone, Richard??

  • Josh & Kylie Stac says:

    Hi, We live in central NSW and just starting to trace the Stacpoole family tree. We done have some info, if anyone has any thing that may help. Can we please exchange info and details? We are from the Coonabrabran, Pilliga area and have relatives in Sydney, Bendigo Vic.

    With thanks Josh & Kylie

  • Josh & Kylie Stac says:

    Ur parents names arn’t on the info we have , but heaps is missing. Can u please tell me ur dads parents and then i can c what i’ve got. The tree we have goes back to Samual William Stacpoole arriving in Australia at age 25 and his first marrage to Maria Moore. We are missing heaps of dates and also the name of his sercond wife and kids (said to be sons).
    Josh & Kylie

  • Josh William Stacpoole says:

    Hey this is josh from Wingham NSW Australia, just lookin around for some people in my family im born on 18/June. Yeh i have my family Cindy(Mother) David(Father) let me know if im related to anyone who ever my email is strika_key@hotmail.com and leave me a message well have a good night and talk to ya later on or hopefully cya

  • Hi Terri, my sister Margeurite is in Perth, she loves meeting new people, especially rellies, anyone who is tracing the Stacpoole tree in Oz I have some info so just contact me via my website:
    Dad met a Stacpoole from Lithgow during the war so there are Staccys all over the place, also “WE” own part of Beaconsfield Mine, Is that good or bad???
    Lyle A Stacpoole (the one from Bribie Island .. NOT the one in north Queensland!!!!!!)

  • There is a book called ‘Owners of a name’ published by a John Stacpoole in New Zealand. He came and researched it in the UK a few years ago with my brother, also John Stacpoole.

    Some generations ago a Stacpoole of high rank lost his wife and married a Burnett and had a v large second family.

    My branch emigrated to Canada – Winnipeg I believe – when they ran out of money to continue their English lifestyle. My grandfather was at Heidleberg University at the time and so we did not accompany them. All lawyers.

    Amazingly my wife and I have just moved into a new house next to someone called Stagpool!

  • Heather Brown says:

    Have just seen Josh and Kylie’s mail of 6th April 2007 and as I am also researching the descendents of Samuel William Stacpoole and Maria Moore, would love to get in touch with them


  • Richard Anthony (Tony) Stacpoole says:

    It’s amazing to see that there are ‘Stacpooles’ all over the place! I’ve never ever met another real live Stacpoole other than: my grandfather (Dick Alexander, a Winnipeger); my dad (Hugh Charles Forder); my brother (Warren William); my nephew (Shawn)and my three daughters. I don’t feel so lonely anymore!
    Tony Stacpoole, St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada

  • anthony stacpoole-ryding says:

    hi pops..richard…didnt relise there this many of us

  • Tom Haycraft says:

    Sam Mellows – idly looking through some genealogy stuff and came across your comment about H De Vere. He was my great (great?) grand uncle – my great grandmother was his sister, called Lily, I believe. She married my Great grandfather, a Haycraft, in England. Apparently she was rather eccentric and a noted painter in her time. At one point she was commissioned to paint Queen Vic’s children.
    H de Vere sold the film rights to Blue Lagoon for a pittance – a mistake as it went on to be made a few times so I guess the family lost out. I have a studio photo of Lily somwhere. Don’t know what the other sisters were called

  • Martin Peter Stacpoole Turner says:

    I have recently lost my mother Sheila Stacpoole Turner.Her maiden name was Burnett.Her mother Mary Louise had a maiden name of Ryding and I can remember visiting a Hilda Ryding in Bath as a young boy who was my Mothers Aunty.
    My mother had relations in Ireland one was a Stacpoole Kenny I believe

    I must have some relations out there!!

  • There is a mass of stuff out there – see my comments on this site and the book ‘Owners of a Name’ published in NZ.
    Burnett is my middle name.
    St Ivel was the Stacpoole’s business in Ireland. Sadly recently sold.

  • Ginny Stacpoole says:

    I am Guy’s wife and he forgot to mention that he and I married in Hunter’s Hill, Sydney on 11 September 1971. We had a reception on a launch in Sydney Harbour. He was already in Sydney, and I left England on the Tuesday, the 7th, arrived in Sydney on the Thursday and got married on the Saturday. We are still in touch with some of our friends.

  • Janine Stagpoole says:

    to all Stacpooles ( especially Simon) check my Stagpoole family website.
    We too are Stacpooles but our ancestors couldn’t spell lol


  • Richard John Stacpoole-Ryding says:

    Message for Martin Peter Stacpoole Turner

    I think you may have found a close relation old chap!

    Lousia Stacpoole-Ryding later Stacpoole Kenny was a GGAunt of mine.

    There is a chance that the Hilda Ryding you know about could have been Hilday Stacpoole-Ryding her sister.

    Please contact me as soon as possible at

  • Richard John Stacpoole-Ryding says:

    Message for Tom Haycraft

    Your information on Henry de Vere Stacpoole is quite correct. Lily was his sister and married a doctor by the name of Haycraft who came from Cardiff.

    I have extensive material on Henry de vere and making a family tree for him and family. Have written a draft biography on him.

    My family is related to Henry, via my G.Grandfather John Stacpoole-Ryding – seems to be a 1st cousin on his fathers side.

    Please contact me as soon as possible at

  • Hi Janine in NZ. Often it was not the ancestors but the customs and immigration officials. Or any of the first officials, police maybe??? LOL!!! who first wrote the name down wherever the family landed. Often it was then just too expensive to change it and it stayed as it was written by the official. I have some German friends with similar situation. Thats why there are so many schultz, schulz etc. we are somewhere all related (not with the schutlz’s – LOL). at my dad’s funeral last year David and John Stacpoole gave us a little bit of family history which was interesting. by the way I have been updating my website lately. http://www.stacpoolemusic.com.au … hope you enjoy my songs!!!

  • Joshua Thomas Stacpoole says:

    Hi I’m also a Stacpoole. From ARARAT Vic, along with my grandfather John G Stacpoole, dad steve K Stacpoole. We own a truck mechanic business on the western hway, which used to be the international dealer. Have relatives all around aust, which have been to a Stacpoole family reunion,usually in vic. Hope to maybe see some of you at the next one. 🙂

  • Sam Mellows says:

    Message for Tom Haycraft and Richard Stacpoole-Ryding – Hi there, don’t know if you will see this as I had completely forgotten about this blog but am doing some family research of my own. My great grandmother was Lily Stacpoole Haycraft so Tom and I are definitely related. She married John Berry Haycraft and they had two sons, one of whom was also called John Berry Haycraft who was my mother’s father. My mother has a painting of Lily’s. I was looking up Lily as a painter today when I came across this blog again. Would love to hear from you Tom and Richard

  • Tom Haycraft says:

    Hey Sam – I hadn’t looked at this blog for 3 years and so missed your post. If you see this do please get in touch as we both share the same great grandmother – Lillie Stacpoole. I would love to see one of her paintings – apparently she was very talented. I am descended through the line of your grandfather’s brother – William Church Stacpoole Haycraft.
    My email is: thoshaycraft@yahoo.co.uk

    My name is also Samuel Stacpoole. I also play music. here it is
    theblacktambourines.bandcamp.com. RAD

  • Peter Gainsborough says:

    Message for Sam Mellows – I have very little on the Stacpoole family, but I have shedloads on your Mellows ancestry. You can, if you wish, contact me at Peter.Gainsborough@BlueYonder.co.uk. Peter Gainsborough

  • hael says:


    I am a descendant of Samuel William Stacpoole 1854 – and I am trying to find out where he was born – his older brother was born in Malta, ~2 years earlier, when his father was serving there. His records only say, born 1854 educated in Nz. Although I did find a record that stated he was Christened in Hampshire, England but no mentioned of his birth anywhere. I have tried to find his details in NZ, Australia – as he migrated there. Malta doesnt have any records back that far and they may have not registered there, although if I do go to Malta and check details of churches/parishes, maybe as they did Christen the babies very quickly at birth. If you do have any information or know where to look. I would appreciate it. thank you

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