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By April 23, 20024 Comments

Very sad news of the year: Liquid News’ Christopher Price found dead. I watched him every day on his programme, and he was absolutely brilliant: funny without being over the top, and a consummate professional. And NOW i’ve got a half hour void in my night…


  • Dave says:

    A chap once stood in for Chris and if you didn’t look at the screen, you would have thought it was the same person.

    He was not funny, he was good at reading scripts!

    1/2 hour void? Get a grip.

  • Mystery Guest says:

    Dave is obviously not a fan of the deceased fellow. Please show some God damned respect, we’re in mourning here…..

  • Wibbler says:

    Yes, quite, well said, old thing. And he wrote the scripts.

  • mozzer says:

    Big man, big wit, big loss, bye bye, god bless…

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