Holiday Report 22/1

By January 22, 20026 Comments

9am – We manage to survive the second night with the air conditioning straining at the hinges, and venture off to the pool for more burning time.
10am – After an hour, my body resembles a grilled sausage, so I cover up and head for the internet cafe. Jac and Shunta are online, so I try my best to make them jealous. Jac kindly offers to be Becki’s boyfriend in order to drop everything and join me, which we consider a little too much, and Shunta wants to go to the pub. Unusually.
3pm – George the iguana has sadly disappeared, and we pine for him for about 3 minutes.
Today is also the day where my drink-knocking-over skills come to the fore.
Drinks Knocked Over: 2


  • Jac says:


  • ginny says:

    Just wondering if anyone has heard or is he is suffering from Montezuma’s Revenge (of which I have heard)?

  • Jac says:

    ummmm, I hope your mum realises that I actually meant to type BANKER.

    No, it’s no use, I’m going to keep on digging this hole.

  • NICK says:


  • Jac says:

    *pause for breath*

  • Ginny says:

    I don’t have a problem with any of this as any of you who know me will be aware and, so far, you both know me!

    Spoke to Simon yesterday. Woke him up in fact in the morning having missed him the day earlier whilst he was at breakfast.

    Very well and enjoying the hotel and all its accoutrements. It all sounded so good I am thinking of catching the next place – just can’t face 12 hours…with or without the TV screen!

    Love to all.

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