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Well, what a complete DURTH (is that how you spell it?) of entries recently – your host Wibbler is ever so sorry.. is there any reason for this you might ask? Well, no, in short. I’ve been out a bit, and installing a bit, and scripting a bit, and playing a bit, but you’d think I’d have a couple of minutes to spare to talk to you fine visitors, wouldn’t you? Appalling, Wibbler, you must try harder.


  • Ginny says:

    All you chaps out there, including SRWS, today (06/01/02)is Epiphany. Shunta (Claus!) please note and all those with festive messages and logos – you must remove them or luck will be against you!

    You may wake up as a reindeer with snow on your antlers!

    Happy New Year


  • Wibbler says:

    Almost too kind, mum, i’ll do it immediately…

  • Jac says:

    SRWS? That’s Simon Richard Wentworth Stacpoole isn’t it?

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