Milly’s thai bday bash

By December 2, 2001No Comments

We (Jac, Nick, Michelle, and 34 others) all went to the Kwanwong authentic thai restaurant in Guildford tonight for Milly’s surprise birthday treat, the lucky girl! Nick, true to form, managed to get there mere seconds before the grand arrival of Alex and Milly, who thought she was only going for a quiet meal with her better half. After the shock had subsided, we found just how authentic it was. No chairs (apparently there is no need), a row of cushions and a piddly little table. Still, we had fun, even if we’ll all look forward to backache for weeks…
A couple of lessons to learn:
1. Never try to take the mickey out of a friend if you have, the previous night, dressed up as a woman in a popular nightclub. And enjoyed it. ( a clue who THAT was…)
2. Jac’s shirt does not pollenate. (I misheard, allegedly.)
3. Thai tea, as Jac pointed out, is “crunchy” and tastes “like a tube of savlon.”
4. Never utter “this is like a game of tennis” without substantial evidence to back it up.
5. Never equate Thai meals with Chinese meals solely on account of the “similar bowls”, unless you want constant ribbing throughout the meal.

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