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    Wibler. I guess I should have looked that word up before responding to your site. I am Blogger user and a communityzero user. I found your site in a blogger trail somehow. I am promoting my site for people who want to do some expressing through writing. Check us out. 8 members and counting hopefully. Also, check out our storytelling contest. This contest is not trying to see who can tell the best story but who has the most interesting story to tell from around their family coffee table or even from their own coffee table. Your story will not be sold. For the first place winner, the prize is $25.00….second place is $15.00…third place is $10.00.
    I’m not sure what coffee table are called in Britian. Take care. Come by soon. This is not a SEX site, so feel secure to browse and not be harrassed.

    Oh yeah, pouring my heart out….Here goes…I have visited New York but I did not get the guts to go down to Ground Zero. I am so upset about not going. I feel like my trip was in vain so-of…

    Thanks so much for your time.
    Michael Bryant (please excuse grammar and errors)

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    cool site. come to our site and enter to win $25.00, $15.00, or $10.00, in an online storytelling contest.

    This is not a business deal. This is not too good to be true. Come see us.

    thanks so much for your time.
    Michael Bryant

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    Who is that Michael geezer and what on earth is he on about?

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    I haven’t a clue! Bless him. He also emailed me, emphasising the fact that his site is NOT A SEX SITE. That was very disappointing.

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    Smurgysmurgysmurgysmurgysmurgysmurgysmurg. Splendationtasticsmurg.

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