Basketball Initiation

By October 21, 2001No Comments

For the first time in my short little life, I was dragged to watch a basketball match with Michelle and Becki last night (Saturday). And, to my complete surprise, I actually enjoyed it! Goodness. I discovered three main things that night.

1. Basketball players are plainly sexual magnets. After the game, thousands (well, a few) of the female crowd gathered round the stars, trying to swop phone numbers with them. It was difficult to watch in awe, being with my girlfriend and all, but I managed…
2. The Thames Valley Tigers, who I was supposed to support, are in fact one of the sweatiest groups of people I’ve ever seen. Especially Number 7, a huge, ugly tyke that was instantly labelled “Becki’s boyfriend” to the amusement of the rest of the group.
3. I discovered that basketball is the home to the world’s worst job. Every time a sweaty specimen hits the floor after a failed manouvre, a young boy has to get on his knees with a rag and mop up the patch of sweat, while members of the audience entertainingly shout, “put your back into it, man.” I SERIOUSLY hope his wage is worth it.

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