IT doldrums

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It’s struck me (ow…) that when people say “the IT employment market is a little competitive at the moment”, they really AREN’T JOKING. My uncanny knack for timing goes as follows.
June 1997 – Enroll for Business IT course at the University of Portsmouth.
October 1999 – Start and finish year’s placement with IT firm with the words, “You’ll find it easy to get a job with your skills – the market’s gagging for you lot at the moment” ringing in my impossibly happy ears.
June 2001 – Technology ‘bubble’ bursts. Tech stocks begin to tumble….
July 2001 – Graduate after 4 LONG years.
August 2001 – Not a sausage job-wise. IT companies laying off thousands. Experienced jobseekers win handsomely. Graduates don’t.

Welcome to the IT recession. It smells.

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