Just when I thought my

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Just when I thought my day couldn’t get any duller, along came this gem of a story from my friend David B. It seems he was sitting at his computer, looking for something to do one night. David takes up the story…

“…well I was looking for music on Limewire [internet file-sharing software like Napster, used to illegally download copyrighted songs] (i think ‘queen good old fashioned lover boy’ – bad string to put into the internet I know) and came up with songs etc – i think as i clicked to download a song the list got bigger and I ended up not noticing that I had started to download child porn – at this point I had a problem: could delete it, but was concerned about how these things are traced and can stay on computer – so I ended up speaking to a friend who does law and they said I should tell police. So… phoned up this unit and, a bit nervous, sort of didn’t say what i meant and made it sound like i had been LOOKING FOR CHILD PORN TO DOWNLOAD – fortunately copper asked me to be careful with what i say and re-word it. Unfortunately the rewording ended up being a large explanation of me downloading copyrighted material (luckily cop didn’t seem too worried about this). So anyway end of it is okay I hope – but careful what you put on limewire from now on as had to tell him service I was using.”

Excellent. 😉

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