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Just received my new mailing of Popbitch, and it pointed this out: Have you seen the new Geri Halliwell video? It seems that the rumours of the dancer not actually being her are gathering speed. EMI issued a denial this morning: “Those claims are categorically not true,” said a spokesman. “You only have to look at her in recent photos to see that it is her body in the video.”

So consider this.
1. Within the Spice Girls, who were all terrible at
dancing, Geri was famous for being by a distance
the very worst.
2. The video features precisely executed double-
pirouettes, dancing en pointe and perfect splits:
moves professional dancers take years to develop.
3. All these moves are shot without her face being
4. The “Geri” in the dance sequence seems to have
bigger thigh muscles than the Geri we know and love.

Hmmm. And while we’re at it, Baby Spice’s legs aren’t actually that long in her new video. They’ve been digitally stretched.

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