New Format

By April 16, 2001No Comments

Right, well, this page has now been graced with a stonking new format, mainly because I can now update it from anywhere, you lucky people… 😉

I hope everything works here… I’ve just transferred to a new webhosting company, so some things may be a little confusing while I sort them out. But the MESSAGEBOARD is working beautifully, even if I do say it myself, and so post your stupid messages there, if you could. And the gossip will be updated as soon as I have time..!

Oh yes, when I’m not just about to go out, I’ll post my new FAMOUS bits and pieces – a drinking partner’s sister featuring as Student of the Year in FHM (and BOY does she deserve it… golly), and also featured in this month’s .net magazine, complete with a picture of me in a silly hat…

Ta-rah then….

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