Date: July 20th, 2004
From: Fauntleroy

This is a break into a personal life, you have the right to remain just the way you seem to be having lots of fun.

>> A hell of a way to start, if you don’t mind me saying. And now I’ve got your permission, the sky’s the fun-sized limit!

You have the right of one last call to all of your friends…..

>> Really, you can stop now. You’re spoiling me, you really are.

I got in here by chance looking for something absolutely different….. no pity at all – I had a lot of fun and all of my colleagues were looking at me sheepishly when I was bursting into laughter reading the articles and watching the photos….didn’t do much of my duties that day in the office….(Thank God the boss is a broad:)…..

>> Your boss is a broad? only at weekends, I hope.

you know what – I took a look around and I couldn’t find anywhere any pieces of information about the migration of the white bears and any statistic data about the gross national product of Rhuanda – that’s what I didn’t like about this site….

>>Now, this is getting out of hand. You want white bear migration and the GNP of Rwanda? Crikey Moses, how did you turn up here?!


>> Oh you TEASE…

it was all great, I’ll be back (with the tember and the voice and the accent of Arnold in Terminator), Kate (The beautiful disaster)

>> And in the dying seconds, as she quotes the title from one of American Idol Kelly Clarkson’s repartee, I realise this is a desparate woman, a woman who’d rather read this site that do her work. Someone who has a vicious transvestite as a boss. Poor, misguided girl…