This is a place for all the bits I can’t really work out where to put. Projects, funny asides, news and old features will probably appear here as time goes on. If something becomes popular, it’ll be elevated like a Phoenix from the Ashes onto a main section on the site. Have fun wading through the vat of autism that is… the Bits Section!

Potentially fun sections
» Mailbox Missives (emails sent into

» Fone Fun (Voice Messages)

» SMS Messages

» ChuckleStrips (Life and Times, in comic strip form)

Old Gossip and News
» My FHM Joke of the Month – April 2002 Issue
» Boozy Friend’s FHM antics
» My ‘unhelpful’ war against lecturers
» My starring role in Net Magazine
» Jac’s Graduation Tomfoolery